Redwoodtown Medical Centre provides a wide range of typical general practice care plus more specialised services. As some of these services take more time or require preparation (e.g. minor surgery), please inform the receptionist if you are wanting specific services so we can be prepared.

Patient Portal: This is available to all patients who wish to access their test results and be able to reorder medications by way of the internet. For more information click here 

Skin clinics: From Tuesdays to Fridays we have liquid nitrogen available for treating sun damaged skin.

Dermoscopy: We have hand held digital dermoscopes for improved diagnosis of skin lesions.

Minor Surgery: The typical range of lumps and bumps are removed.

Smoking Cessation: Rebecca Malin is our trained Smoking Cessation Facilitator who can provide the necessary advice and planning, including medications, to help a smoker stop their habit.

Diabetes nurse: Cathy Hale is our diabetes nurse who provides, in conjunction with our GPs, comprehensive advice to patients on managing their diabetes, including advice on starting insulin.

Women's health

Both doctors and nurses are available for cervical smears.


Childhood: Our nurses are all trained vaccinators and provide all childhood vaccines

Travel: While we no longer provide yellow fever travel vaccine, we can provide all other common travel vaccines and up to date information on travel health requirements.

Flu vaccinations: These are free of charge to eligible persons (those over 65 or persons under this age with significant health problems). Otherwise, flu vaccination is available at a charge. We also can also organise on-site flu vaccinations at industrial locations. Just contact reception.

Shingles Vaccine available now: This is free of charge to eligible persons (those over 65yrs and under 80yrs). Otherwise, Shingles vaccine is available at a charge.